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Friday July 19 2024
Bandit GSF600K2
  Friday October 17th 2003 : Bandit Concentre 2003 videos at last  
I've finally added the videos taken by Burning Man and edited by K-FroT during the BC2003.

  Friday June 6th to Monday 9th 2003 : Bandit Concentre 2003  
My pictures of the Bandit Concentre 2003 which took place in the Ardennes. See also :

  Monday February 3rd 2003 : New photos  
I've added some photos of my Bandit that were took last Saturday. It's the first ones to show the new Leovince exhaust as well as the lower engine cover. See the "photos" section.

  Tuesday May 21 2002 : Photos of the 2002 Bandit Concentre  
Not much for now, but maybe some day...

  Monday March 17 2002 : French version  
A french version of the website is now available. All you need to do is change the preferences in your browser to have a higher priority for the french language and you should automagically get everything in french!

  Sunday March 17 2002 : Ready at last!  
That's it! After a few weeks of awful emptiness, is ready at last. I've done a complete template system for the website, and all of it has (hopefully) a quite nice design... well, I quite like it. Of course, I must admit that I was inspired by a few existing websites, but everything you see was made from scratch using The Gimp. The next step will be to port my simple photo index system that I currently use on my personal webpage and make a simple system to be able to maintain long links lists very easily, since this is probably what this website will be all about : Links to Bandit resources online and pictures of my own Bandit.
I hope people will soon be able to enjoy this website! :-)


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